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Tales for the TARDIS

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Suggested reads for fans of Doctor Who           

The Doctor is witty, mysterious, old-fashioned, futuristic, chronologically mind-bending, thrilling, exotic, and darkly funny.  These stories share many of these elements set in paranormal universes shaped by time travel and the intersection of historical and science fiction.

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SCFIC COL  Stephen Cole. Feast of the Drowned.

When a naval cruiser sinks in mysterious circumstances in the North Sea, all aboard are lost. Rose is saddened to learn that the brother of her friend, Keisha, was among the dead. And yet he appears to them as a ghostly apparition, begging to be saved from the coming feast, – the feast of the drowned.

SCFIC GUE  Simon Guernier.  The Pirate Loop.

SCFIC RAY  Jacqueline Rayner. The Stone Rose.

Mickey is startled to find a statue of Rose in a museum – a statue that is 2,000 years old. The Doctor realises that this means the TARDIS will take them to Ancient Rome, but when it does, he and Rose soon have more on their minds than sculpture. While the Doctor searches for a missing boy, Rose befriends a girl who claims to know the future.

SCFIC RIC Justin Richards. Martha in the Mirror.

SCFIC RIC  Justin Richards. The Resurrection Casket.

SCFIC SWA  James Swallow. Peacemaker.


SCFIC ADA  Douglas Adams. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Chronicles the off-beat and occasionally extraterrestrial journeys, notions, and acquaintances of galactic traveler Arthur Dent.

SCFIC BAK  Kage Baker. The Company series.

Trained by the Company as a botanist and rendered immortal, Mendoza is sent back amidst the turmoil of Renaissance England with the assignment to safeguard a species of holly that contains properties to cure cancer for future generations.

FIC GAI  Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett. Good Omens.

The world is going to end next Saturday, but there are a few problems–the Antichrist has been misplaced, the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse ride motorcycles, and the representatives from heaven and hell decide that they like the human race.

YA GOO Alison Goodman. Singing the Dogstar Blues.

In a future Australia, the saucy eighteen-year-old daughter of a famous newscaster and a sperm donor teams up with a hermaphrodite from the planet Choria in a time travel adventure that may significantly change both of their lives.

FIC GRI  Ken Grimwood.  Replay.

In 1988, Jeff Winston dies of a heart attack only to wake up at Emory University in 1963, now only eighteen. Much seems the same, but the only difference is he remembers what happened during his life and what the future holds. He’s not sure how this happened, if it will happen again, or what to do with the lifetime of knowledge he has acquired.

SCFIC HOD  Mark Hodder. The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack.

Sir Richard Francis Burton investigates a strange apparition called Spring Heeled Jack that has been assaulting young women around London.

SCFIC LAK  Jay Lake. Mainspring.

In a world in which the planets are run by a sophisticated clockwork solar system that connects everyday people to the Creator, a young clockmaker’s apprentice is appointed by the Archangel Gabriel to rewind the Earth’s Mainspring to prevent a disaster.

FIC PAL  Felix Palma.  A Map of Time.

A skeptical H. G. Wells investigates time-travel mysteries including an aristocrat’s love affair with a murdered prostitute from the past, a Victorian woman’s escape to the future, and a plot to murder celebrated authors to steal their written works.

SCFIC PRA  Terry Pratchett. Wee Free Men.

A young witch-to-be named Tiffany teams up with the Wee Free Men, a clan of six-inch-high blue men, to rescue her baby brother and ward off a sinister invasion from Fairyland.

SCFIC TUR Harry Turtledove. Crosstime Traffic series.

In the late twenty-first century, Jeremy Solter travels into alternate timelines in order to work alongside his family at the frontier of the Roman Empire, and is separated from his parents when the time gateways stop working.

YA SCA  Alex Scarrow. Timeriders series.

Rescued from imminent death, teens Maddy, Liam, and Sal join forces in 2001 Manhattan to correct changes in history made by other time travelers, using a “time bubble” surrounding the attack on the Twin Towers to hide their journeys.

YA WES  Scott Westerfeld. Peeps.

Cal Thompson is a carrier of a parasite that causes vampirism, and must hunt down all of the girlfriends he has unknowingly infected.

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