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IMG_0217Stephen King is often called the Master of Horror with his knack for bringing to life the most terrifying of nightmares and placing them squarely in the everyday world.  His fast-paced plots, whether set in the real world or in peculiar fantasy universes, take the reader into ever stranger and more twisted territory.  His short stories, an often under-appreciated element of his body of work, range in tone from gruesome and surreal to inspirational.  Several of his works have been adapted as movies: The Green MileHearts in Atlantis, The Shawshank Redemption, The Shining, Carrie, Stand By Me, and Misery are just a few. 
And when you’ve read everything there is to read, what should you read next?  Try these authors…

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For classic/pure horror:

Clive Barker

Robert Bloch

Shirley Jackson

Ira Levin

Bentley Little

Robert McCammon

John Saul

Edgar Allan Poe

Walking Dead

For dark fantasy and supernatural surrealism:

Jim Butcher

John Farris

Neil Gaiman

James Herbert

H.P. Lovecraft

Brian Lumley

Richard Matheson

Chuck Palahniuk

Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

For psychological thrillers:

Justin Cronin

Jeffery Deaver

Ted Dekker

Thomas Harris

Dean Koontz

Dennis Lehane

Richard Matheson

Joyce Carol Oates

Peter Straub

For short stories:

Ray Bradbury

Joyce Carol Oates

Edgar Allan Poe

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