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Non-fiction genres: History

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Calling all non-fiction leisure readers!  Want to find new reads but not sure what to ask for? Check this non-fiction genre map out for new ways to think about non-fiction.

History is pretty self-explanatory as a subject.  Within this far-ranging subject, however, there are a number of particular areas of readership worth highlighting.  There are the “survey” history readers…those who are looking for a comprehensive, usually somewhat academic treatment of a particular period in history, whether that’s WWII, the Civil War, the Holocaust, the Ancient World or something else.  There are “micro-history” or “little known history” readers…those who like more narrative stories about one very specific historical event and how that event showcases broader historical themes in its moment.  There are those readers interested in a particular group of people, with less particularity for time period…women’s history readers, religious history readers, military/espionage/intelligence history readers, etc.  Medical history might be better termed “technology” history…the history of new knowledge and how it has changed the world.  Social history encompasses a range of non-traditional, every-day subjects for historical study…the history of furniture, foods, clothing, and more.

Here are some examples of new books in the History sub-genres…click on each sub-genre for a link to our catalog

American Heretics Guns at Last Light The Girls of Atomic City Candy: a century of panic and pleasure Civilian Warriors Washed Away Anatomy of Addiction

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