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Non-Fiction Genres: True Lives

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Calling all non-fiction leisure readers!  Want to find new reads but not sure what to ask for? Check this non-fiction genre map out for new ways to think about non-fiction.

True Lives encompasses books about real people and their stories, whether it’s a comprehensive biography of a well-known historical figure, a confessional Glitterati autobiography, a relatable slice of life from someone less famous, deeply personal diaries or the stories of the pets we adore as much as (or sometimes more than) other humans.  This is a personal and intimate genre, and the appeal can be either the relatable-ness or the unrelatable shock value of the story.  Other genres have “True Lives” books, especially Pop Culture, Ripped From the Headlines (think serial killer profiles and political exposés),  and Thrills (sports bios, survival stories), with the particular tone of that genre mixed in.

Here are some examples of new books in the True Lives sub-genres…click on each sub-genre for a link to our catalog

My Story by Elizabeth Smart Whitey: the life of America's most notorious mob boss Memoir of the Sunday Brunch The Richard Burton Diaries Comet's Tale: how the dog I rescued saved my life

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