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“Cozy” Up to a Traditional Mystery

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Looking for mysteries that are high on intrigue but low on gory, graphic details? “Cozy mysteries” are what you’re looking for! Try these titles set in idyllic small towns across America featuring sleuths ranging from librarians to florists to knitters.

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M BRA Lilian Jackson Braun. The Cat Who Could Read Backwards.

M CAR  Joanna Carl. The Chocolate Pirate Plot.

M CHI  Laura Childs. Agony of the Leaves.

M CHU  Jill Churchill. Who’s Sorry Now?

M DAM  Jeanne Dams. Death in Lacquer Red.

M DAV  Diane Mott Davidson. Crunch Time.

M DER  Jo Dereske. Index to Murder.

M FLU  Joanne Fluke. Cinnamon Roll Murder.

M FRO  Sara Hoskinson Frommer. Murder in C Major.

M GIL  Dorothy Gilman. Mrs. Pollifax Unveiled.

M GRA Sarah Graves. The Dead Cat Bounce.

M HAI Carolyn Haines. Bone Appetit.

M JAF  Sue Ann Jaffarian.  Corpse on the Cob.

M JAM  Miranda James. File M for Murder.

M KRU  Mary Kruger.  Knit Fast, Die Young.

M LAN  Virginia Lanier. A Brace of Bloodhounds.

M MACI  Karen MacInerney.  Berried to the Hilt.

M MACP  Rett MacPherson. The Blood Ballad.

M MCKI Jenn McKinlay. Books Can Be Deceiving.

M MCKI Jenn McKinlay. Sprinkle with Murder.

M MEI  Leslie Meier. Star Spangled Murder.

M PAG  Katherine Hall Page. Body in the Boudoir.

M PEN  Joanne Pence. Bell, Cook & Candle.

M PIC Nancy Pickard. Generous Death.

M RIP  Ann Ripley.  Death of a Political Plant.

M SAW  Corinne Holt Sawyer. The Geezer Factory Murders.

M SPR  Patricia Sprinkle. Death on the Family Tree.

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