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Big List of Booklists

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Leisure Reading

50 Shades of Grey readalikes (printer-friendly)

Abbi Glines readalikes

African American Genre Fiction Authors (printer-friendly)

African American Romance Authors (printer-friendly)

Alternative Histories (printer-friendly)

Amish Romance (printer-friendly)

Are We There Yet?: Long audiobooks (printer-friendly)

Armchair Travels (printer-friendly)

Around the World in 80 Books (printer-friendly)

Avatars in the Metaverse: Virtual Reality (printer-friendly)

Based on a True Story: Page to Screen (printer friendly))


Cat Capers (printer-friendly)

Christian Fiction (printer-friendly)

Christian Thrillers (printer-friendly)

Christmas Crime (printer-friendly)

Christmas Romance (printer-friendly)

“Cozy” Up to a Traditional Mystery (printer-friendly)

Dangerous Medicine (printer-friendly)

Dynamic Duos (printer-friendly)

English Village Cozy Mysteries (printer-friendly)

Epidemics, Plagues & Viruses, Oh My! (printer-friendly)

Fairy Tales With a Twist (printer-friendly)

First Semester Fiction (printer-friendly)

Foodie Memoirs (printer-friendly)

Funny Fiction (printer-friendly)

Funny Memoirs (printer-friendly)

Game of Thrones readalikes (printer-friendly)

Gentle Reads (printer-friendly)


Good Books Hollywood Hasn’t Gotten Its Hooks Into (Yet (But Maybe Should)) (printer-friendly)

Hard-boiled Detectives (printer-friendly)

Homesteading & Self-Reliant Lifestyle Resources (printer-friendly)

Hot (But Not Too Hot) Contemporary Romance Authors (printer friendly)

Hunger Games readalikes (printer-friendly)

The Imaginary Atlas: Novels with Maps (printer-friendly)

James Patterson readalikes (printer-friendly)

John Grisham readalikes (printer-friendly)

Ladies of the Law (printer-friendly)

Literary Fiction (printer-friendly)

Mary Higgins Clark readadlikes (printer-friendly)

Media Biz (printer-friendly)

Military Romance (printer-friendly)

Mitch Albom readadlikes (printer-friendly)

My Sources are Unreliable, but Their Stories are Fascinating: what to read if you liked Gone Girl and the unreliable narrator (printer-friendly)

Nora Roberts/JD Robb Readalikes (printer-friendly)

Nicholas Sparks readalikes (printer-friendly)

Nom Nom Novels: Fiction with Recipes (printer-friendly)

Novels About Novelists: Books for NaNoWriMo (printer-friendly)

Page to Screen: Books Before They Were Movies (printer-friendly)

Page to Screen: Teen Books at the Movies (printer-friendly)

Patricia Cornwell readalikes (printer-friendly)

Political Thrillers (printer-friendly)

Post Apocalyptic Fiction (printer-friendly)

Pros at Cons (printer-friendly)

Quick Reads: Poetry (printer-friendly)

Quick Reads: Short Non-Fiction (printer-friendly)

Quick Reads: Short Stories (printer-friendly)

Serial Killers (printer-friendly)


Stephen King (printer-friendly)

Susan Mallery readalikes

Tales for the TARDIS (printer-friendly)

Time Travel Romance (printer-friendly)

True Crime (printer-friendly)

Urban Lit (printer-friendly)

#WeNeedDiverseBooks (printer-friendly)


Uh-oh, gotta go!: Potty Training Resources

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