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Skyler’s Thanksgiving by Audrey B. (2016 NaNoWriMo Short Story Contest Winner)

sIt was the morning of Thanksgiving when Skyler and her mother were preparing food for Greenville’s 25th annual Thanksgiving Extravaganza.  They were making two of the most important dishes that would be there.  They got to season and cook the turkey and prepare and bake the pumpkin pie.

All throughout the kitchen, you could smell the savory fumes of the turkey and the sweet scent of the pumpkin pie.  The pie had two more minutes to bake and the turkey was already cooked.  Bing, went the timer.  “I think I should test it, you know, just to make sure it tastes good,” Skyler said, trying to persuade her mom to let her have a little sliver of the pie. “I don’t think so.  I’m sure it tastes fine,” her mom responded.

They got in the car and started towards Greenville’s clubhouse.  “Hey mom, where’s dad and Sam?” Skyler questioned.  “They left early to go set up the clubhouse,” her mom responded, trying to keep her eyes on the road.

They arrived at the clubhouse and set the food on a small rectangular table, hoping the food tasted good.  There was a big banner that read, “HAPPY THANKSGIVING!” On the table was a leaf tablecloth, a cornucopia and some leaves sprinkled randomly across the table.  There was so much food on the table.  Everything from mashed potatoes to cranberry jam.

“Okay everyone, should we start?” The director (Skyler’s dad) questioned.  “Yeah!” Everyone exclaimed, taking a seat at the table.  “Here’s how it’s going to work.  Everyone will line up in a single-file line by the table to get food.  Then, you may sit down and eat your food,” Syler’s dad announced on the microphone.  They got their food and sat down at the tables to eat their food.

Skyler put turkey, pie, green beans, mashed potatoes, rolls, corn and cranberry jam on her plate. She poured lemonade in her glass. Skyler’s brother, Sam and her father joined them.  They ate their food and headed home.  Skyler and her family came there every year, but Skyler said that this year had the best food.