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Non-Fiction Genres: Current Events

Calling all non-fiction leisure readers!  Want to find new reads but not sure what to ask for? Check this non-fiction genre map out for new ways to think about non-fiction.

Current Events comprises books that provide analysis, discussion and/or history behind contemporary issues such as religion, business(es), politics, economics, education, poverty, drug use, and health care. The topics are often polarizing, and the authors may take an even-handed or one-sided stance on the issue.  The tone of these books may be analytical and somewhat scholarly or personal and emotional.  There may be investigations, exposés and “behind-the-scenes” sorts of stories, especially with regard to business and politics.  The authors themselves (many are celebrities…Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, etc.) may be the appeal factor.  The reader who enjoys Current Events books may branch out into History (especially along the same subject line), Pop Culture where their interest in the book lies somewhat more with the celebrity author than with the subject, into Ripped From the Headlines if they particularly like the confessional/investigational titles or True Lives where the stories of the people involved in these contemporary issues (e.g. CEOs, politicans) is the draw.

Here are some examples of new books in the Current Events sub-genres…click on each sub-genre for a link to our catalog.

Mortal Sins I Got Schooled The American Way of Poverty Act of Congress brick by brick