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Fairy Tales… with a Twist


Fractured, inside-out, uncensored, or reimagined…these are new tellings of familiar stories delivered as mysteries, romances, thrillers and science fiction.

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My sources are unreliable, but their stories are fascinating: what to read if you liked Gone Girl and the Unreliable Narrator

Gone girl : a novelDid you read Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl?  Did you love it?  Was it because the characters were so darn nice?  Just people you’d really like to know in real life and have over for dinner?

Thought not.

It was for the twists and turns, right?  The never quite knowing what was really going on? And of course to find out What Really Happened In The End, yes?

Here are more stories with unreliable narrators, stories that will yank the narrative rug out from under your readerly feet in the most delightful and unpredictable of ways.

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Around the World in 80 Books

Click on a continent to explore books from around the world!


Europe            North American/Latin America/Caribbean

Africa            Asia/Middle East            Oceania/Australia

South America            Antarctica

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North America, Latin America, Caribbean South America Europe Africa Asia/Middle East Oceania Antarctica Europe

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If you like Game of Thrones, why not try…

pizap.com13737439847881George R.R. Martin’s epic Song of Fire and Ice series is wildly popular, both as novels and as the tv miniseries.  The following suggested reads share with GoT exquisitely developed worlds (some parallel fantasy universes, some purely historical) in which their extensive casts of characters play out the epic stories filled with dynastic war, political machination, intrigue, romance, the quest for power, and the struggle to keep the world safe against mysterious forces.

Here is what George R.R. Martin is reading.  Call, text, chat, email us or stop by the library to place requests.

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If you like The Hunger Games….

hunger games

The Hunger Games

Catching Fire


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Also check out this chart from Lawrence Public Library to pick the best Hunger Games readalike match for you!

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