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The Big Night Out! by Maureen S. (2016 NaNoWriMo Short Story Contest Winner)

My family was going out tonight.  First, we had to drive a long way.  At first, I was scared that I didn’t like the food there, but the music and the games helped me.  The drive there went by fast.

Next, we had to order our food.  It was hard to pick, but my mom made me have the kids meal.  I did not want the kids meal!

Then, the kids meal food was great it.  It had carrots, corn bake, and cranberries.  I’m going to try and guess a name to describe how good the food was.  Alright, here I go: Awesome, Amazing, Yummy!?  I can’t!  It’s too hard!  Last all the food was eaten.

Last, it was time to go home.  I was sad to have to go home, but we went to Dairy Queen.  We finally got home though.

I was sad, but mom said she will take us back again soon.